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Prices & Policies

Chocolate & Fox Red Labs ................... $1,100 
Black & Yellow Labs
Pointers ........................………................. $1,000 
Flushers .................................………....... $850 
Litters w/ Extra Associated Costs ......... $1,300 minimum 



Payment Options: We accept payment by cash, personal check drawn from a Washington state bank with proper identification, or a U.S.Postal money order, in U.S. funds only.


When a successful East Harbor Gundogs' breeding occurs, we will post the information on our "puppies for sale" page. At that time when you submit your $250 deposit to East Harbor Gundogs (non-refundable after litter is whelped), you will be placed in a choosing position to select your puppy when they are available for adoption. 


Exception: East Harbor Gun Dogs will refund your deposit if we cannot provide the gender/color of puppy you requested, or you may apply it toward another litter.  Deposits are recorded on a first come, first served basis.  You must select the gender and color of puppy you want when you send your deposit in.  


If for some reason you choose not to select a puppy from the litter you placed a deposit on then you will forfeit that deposit, or you may apply it to another litter we have on-site or a future litter. You may choose to switch gender of the puppy you requested; however, your request will be placed behind all other clients who have already selected that gender.  If you want to pick between two colors or genders, we require a deposit for both each gender or each color.  Once you select your puppy, the second deposit will be applied toward the purchase price of the puppy you selected.

East Harbor Gundogs will post photos of the litter(s) as they mature to an age of 7 weeks, at which time they will be available for placement. Customers who reserve a puppy will be given a specific time and date to arrive to pick out their puppy, and it is absolutely imperative that you arrive on that date and on time.

When you go home with your new East Harbor Gundogs puppy, you will receive a written replacement guarantee on hips and eyes, a copy of your puppy purchase contract, recommendations on feeding, crating, early obedience training and other issues relevant to proper care for your puppy, and a 3-4 day supply of food to help transition your puppy to the food you choose to feed it. Your puppy will have received 4 worming treatments, its first inoculation, and will have been microchipped for identification.


East Harbor Gundogs offers a twenty-six (26) month guarantee on hips and eyes, which begins at puppy's whelping date. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFFA) and Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) rules are determining factors of your puppy's hips and eye condition. We offer a guarantee that your puppy's hips will have an OFFA rating of fair or better when you have your dog tested at 24 months (which is the minimum age for evaluating hips through OFFA). Hip x-rays must be taken by an OFFA board certified Veterinarian by 26 months of age.  We guarantee that your dog will be free of retinal dysplasia for the first 26 months. Any eye diagnosis must be made by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist by 26 months of age.

This warranty applies only to 100% congenital / hereditary defects in hips or eyes. Any injury to your dog voids this warranty. If your dog does not receive a clear CAER rating and/or an OFFA rating of fair, good, or excellent for the first 26 months of its life, we will replace your dog with a puppy of equal or better breeding. The OFFA and CAER documentation, plus all of your original registration papers, must be returned to East Harbor Gundogs in order to obtain a replacement puppy, and your dog must be spayed / neutered so it cannot reproduce.

This guarantee is not transferable, and is considered void if your dog is bred in its first 26 months of life without an OFA and CAER rating, or spayed/neutered within the first 18 months of its life. No dog will be guaranteed unless it carries the word "East Harbor’s" at the beginning of its name registered with the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club, and there must be an apostrophe in the word Harbor’s.

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